10 Cheap and Fuss-free Drawer Organizing Hacks

Although you’re into the organizing habit, drawers can be the trickiest to declutter since they can easily get filled up with stuff again after a while. But you don’t have to sweat it or spend dollars buying all kinds of storage organizers at IKEA just to keep your drawer contents in check. Keep your stuff under control with these cheap and easy drawer organizing hacks. Some of them won’t even require you to spend a dime.

Roll-up Method

The roll-up method isn’t just practical for organizing clothes into suitcases. It’s also a neat way of organizing clothes in drawers.

Upright Stack Method

Fold and stack your shirts upright to see each one at a glance and only get what you need. No more messing up drawer contents and rearranging clothes every time you look for something.

Holiday Ornament Boxes = Instant Storage Organizer

The partitions in holiday ornament boxes make it perfect as drawer organizers. Use them to store underwear or collections of hankies, scarves, shawl, ties, even baby clothes.

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Holder

Make good use of extra or unused ice cube trays by turning them into nifty jewelry holders.

Night Stand Charging Station

Keep all your gadgets’ USB charging cables and charge them in one spot by turning a nightstand drawer into an all-around charging station.

Pegboard Drawer Organizer/Divider

Use pegboards to organize dishes, kitchen supplies, office supplies, or work tools in a drawer.

Pillow Case Organizers

This is a clever way of keeping matching sets of sheets together. No more mismatched pillowcases or sheets. Keep them all in one pillowcase. That way, you’ll get the entire matching set that you need all in one go.

PVC Pipe Organizers

PVC pipes can hold individual shirts, towels, scarves, or shawls.

Shoe Box Organizers

Recycle perfectly sturdy shoe and cereal boxes by turning them into drawer organizers. If you don’t want to make it too obvious that they’re shoeboxes, you can customize their look by covering them with gift wrapping paper, contact paper, leftover fabric, or washi tape.

Under-the-Drawer Shoe Trays

Repurpose old wooden picture frames, or used silver or wooden trays as under-the-drawer shoe trays. You can also stow these shoe trays under the bed so they won’t be an eyesore.