12 Practical Uses for a Pegboard

1) Trusty tool organizer

Peg boards are best known for their number one use as a tool organizer. Take it to the next level by creating tool organizers for specific uses or areas in your house like a garden shed organizer, laundry room organizer, cleaning supplies organizer, handyman tools organizer, mudroom organizer, etc.


2) Julia Child kitchen organizer

Adding pegboards to provide additional storage space in the kitchen has recently become a popular and functional trend in kitchen organizing and makeovers. We don’t need to tell you why. Pegboards can take up little space in your kitchen, and yet pack a punch when it comes to providing you that extra storage space you need for a myriad of kitchen supplies. You can finally hang your pots and pans the iconic Julia Child way.


3) Cabinet storage maximizer

Maximize armoire and cabinet storage space by attaching pegboards to the front and back doors, including the back part of shelves. Do an old cabinet makeover by removing the inner part of the doors and replacing them with a pegboard. Now you definitely have no reason to run out of storage space.


4) Customizable drawer divider

Maximize drawer storage space by adding pegboard dividers. Pegboards can be customized to whatever size you need and pegs can be easily placed and moved where you need them to be, like in this wide drawer for storing dishes.

5) Double-duty kitchen backsplash

No budget for a kitchen backsplash makeover? You can easily remedy that with a pegboard backsplash. Not only does it look neat, it’s also functional as it doubles as storage for your kitchen supplies, cooking utensils, and cleaning aides.


6) Craft supplies center

Get inspired to create and craft something new every day by organizing your craft supplies and tools on a pegboard. At a glance, you can see which supplies you still have available, whether it’s DMC thread, glitters, Mod Podge glue, ribbons, wrapping paper, or a pair of scissors. Plus, they’re all in one place for easy access.


7) No-tangle jewelry holder and display

No more tangled chains, missing earrings, or messy piles of bracelets when you’ve got all your jewelry organized on a pegboard. Having them arranged neatly on display makes you appreciate the beauty of each unique piece. Aside from jewelry, you can also hang accessories like sunglasses, headbands, and hairclips. To make a pretty pegboard jewelry holder, put a decorative frame around the pegboard and paint it in any color that you like. Soft pastels and jewel tones can instantly make it look elegant or vintage.


8) Customizable art wall

Brighten up a wall instantly by installing a pegboard to display your chosen artworks. If you have kids, you can also use this idea and create a space for a mini art gallery in their own room. Since this is customizable, you can add to it or remove and replace it whenever you want to.


9) Streamlined workspace extension

Create a neat and streamlined work space for yourself or your child with a full-length pegboard. With this extended storage space, you can have everything you need all in one place and within easy reach, making your job easier.


10) Collection and treasure display

Pegboards aren’t just perfect for displaying your artwork. Frame a pegboard and you can use it to display anything you want to show off, from vintage flashlights to buttons and rock collections.


11) Kids room organizer

Kids always make a mess. What better solution to install pegboards in their rooms, both to organize and have their toys, accessories, musical instruments and other stuff they regularly use within reach? At the same time, you can also teach them to put their stuff away on their own by just hanging them on the pegboard.


12) Cozy pegboard headboard

Make an awesome pegboard headboard! You can go simple and minimalist like this subdued white headboard, or bold and quirky like this UK and Stars Wars-themed creation.