13 Crafty Ways to Make Cereal Box Organizers

When you realize that you go through dozens of cereal boxes in a year, it’s hard not to feel bad for throwing away some otherwise sturdy boxes that might have other uses. To get that niggling feeling to rest, we found some ideas for transforming cereal boxes into useful organizers. You’re not only contributing your part in reducing waste for the environment, but you’ll also get some organizing done in your home. Not so bad at all.

Here are 13 cool, creative ways to make cereal box organizers.

Art supplies organizer

Mini cereal boxes are perfect for corralling various art supplies like pens, colored pencils, and scissors.

Book organizers

Organize your kids’ books, coloring books, or your manuals in cereal box book holders. Cover them in pretty, colorful wrapping paper and no one will notice they’re made from a cereal box.

Drawer dividers

Organize messy drawers with dividers/organizers made from cereal boxes.

Hanging file holders

Putting up wall file holders is a genius way to add storage when you have very little space in your home or office.

Homework Holder

Keep track of your kids’ academic progress by organizing all of their school work in a cereal box homework holder. Teach them to file their own homework in their individual homework boxes so there’s no excuse anymore for “missing homework”.

Letter/stationery organizer

Keep all your writing tools neat, organized, and easy to find in a cereal box stationery organizer. It also makes a perfect letter organizer.

Magazine holder

Gather all those magazines lying around all over your house and get them into a designated container–a cereal box magazine holder.

Magnetic paper bin

Stick this cereal box magnetic paper bin onto your fridge to corral anything from emergency contact numbers and your kids’ artworks, to bills and take-out menus.


Gather all your mail in one spot before you’re ready to sort through them. Set this cereal box mailbox on an entryway table or your work desk for easy access.

Mini drawers

If you didn’t know you can make this oh so cute mini drawer out of cereal boxes (and tea boxes too), well now you do. So get on crafting!

Paper files organizer

Paper files are one of the most time-consuming things to organize especially when you’ve got mountains of them to sort through. To simplify this mammoth task, create a family, household, or work file organizer out of cereal boxes.

Purse organizer

No need to dump your purse contents just to find that elusive cellphone, lipstick, or pen if you’ve got everything neatly stashed in a purse organizer. And it’s made from a cereal box and pretty fabric, so it’s cool.

School supplies organizer

Make homework time for your kids easier with a portable school supply organizer that holds all of the stuff they need to get things done.