20 Clever and Crafty DIY Jewelry Organizers

Only girls would understand the need for both a beautiful and functional jewelry organizer. If you still haven’t found the right one, we scoured the web for some of the best and most creative DIY jewelry storage solutions that will inspire you to make your own.

Cheese grater earring hanger

Bet you never saw this one coming. Jazz up an old metal cheese grater with some paint and lace and you have yourself an instant jewelry holder/display for dangling and drop earrings.

Idea by Ekaterina at Katrinshine.

Chicken wire frame jewelry hanger

Chicken wire isn’t just for the birds. It has a lot of versatile uses, like a homemade jewelry hanger.

Tutorial by Jonie of Just Between Friends.

Wooden hanger jewelry organizer

Make a functional jewelry holder out of an ordinary household item. You only need a wooden hanger, some looped screws or hooks, a screw, a nail, and a screwdriver.

Step by step tutorial from Morning Creativity.

Deco board jewelry hanger

A deco board is a versatile surface. Just attach magnetic hooks and you can use it as a jewelry hanger.

Tutorial by McKenzie of Girl Loves Glam.

Drawer pull jewelry hanger

If you want to display your fashion statement pieces on an equally unique vessel, this drawer pull jewelry hanger is just the thing for you. This one-of-a-kind piece was created by Liz Marie of Liz Marie Blog using a cabinet hardware sample board and some burlap.

Embroidery hoop and lace earring display

Who would’ve thought an embroidery hook can be a jewelry hanger? This unique project by Paige of Oh Nostalgia uses only a few strips of dainty lace ribbon and an embroidery hoop. Hang it on a wall and then hang your favorite pairs of dangling earrings. It’ll instantly add a touch of whimsy to your room.

Check out the tutorial by Paige Ronchetti in Bubby and Bean.

Hinged wooden board jewelry hanger

Hang all your pretty necklaces and bracelets in a single place by making a jewelry hanger out of two hinged wooden boards.

Tutorial by Margo of Eyes of Style.

Jewelry bust

This DIY jewelry bust may take a bit more effort to make for the casual DIY-er, but it looks so cool and it instantly stands out in a room.

Check out the tutorial by Kate in Design Sponge.

Jewelry tree

Make your jewelry hanger and display a bit more fun, whimsical, and out of the ordinary like this lovely jewelry tree.

Idea by Ashlee of My So Called Crafty Life.

Lace earring holder

For some pretty baubles worth displaying instead of keeping hidden in a jewelry box, hang them on a dainty lace jewelry holder. This is perfect for displaying select earrings and pins.

Check out the step by step tutorial in For the Makers.

Pegboard accessories station

This pegboard jewelry and accessory station is the perfect solution to organizing all your accessories (not just your jewelry) in one spot. There’s no reason to leave earrings, rings, sunglasses and belts in random places all over the house. This also makes dressing up a lot easier especially during the weekday morning rush.

Tutorial by Desiree of The 36th Avenue.

Plaster hand jewelry holder

Sometimes, your vanity just needs a funky jewelry holder to make it more interesting. You might find a plastic version of this hand jewelry holder in a store, but any DIY-er knows it’s more fun to make your own. You get to personalize it too.

Tutorial from Fashion Diva Design.

Rake jewelry hanger

If you’re not averse to having old gardening tools repurposed into something else in your house, you can repurpose a garden rake into a jewelry hanger.

Tutorial by Lauren of The Thinking Closet.

Ring jewelry box

Seeing your most glamorous rings arranged neatly in an elegant display case like the ones in a jewelry store is surely motivation to keep them organized. This DIY ring jewelry box only takes a few minutes to make and is the perfect vessel to display and store your favorite pieces.

Tutorial by Bianca of A Fabulous Challenge.

Staircase spindle jewelry hanger

You can easily buy this kind of fancy-looking jewelry hanger, but where’s the fun in that? Instead of buying, you can make your own with a discarded staircase spindle you can paint with your preferred color, a wine cork, and some wires. You can even make this out of an old candlestick too.

Tutorial by Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof.

Utensil holder jewelry display

If you want your jewelry organized in a way where you can see every piece and get what you need easily, try displaying your collection on a wooden utensil holder. Just give it some paint makeover, add as many hooks as you want, mount on a wall, hang your jewelry, and you’re done.

Tutorial by Amanda of Color Me Blue.

Vintage china jewelry display + wall art

Organize your most glamorous bling with style by displaying them on grandma’s vintage China set which doubles as wall art.

Tutorial by Nash of Craft a Doodle Doo.

Vintage plates jewelry stand

If you’re a fan of anything vintage and shabby chic, you will love this DIY vintage jewelry stand to corral your favorite pieces. It also adds a touch of daintiness to your dresser or vanity.

Tutorial by Gina of Acute Designs.

Wall-mounted jewelry cabinet

If you don’t want to display your jewelry and accessories out in the open but still keep them in one place, building a full-length wall-mounted jewelry cabinet is the best idea for storage. With the extra space, you can assign a spot for specific things. To add more function, you can also fit a full-length mirror at the front of the cabinet door. Accessorizing is a cinch.

Tutorial by Whitney of Shanty2Chic.

Wood floor sampler jewelry hanger

In case you have wood floor samplers lying around the house, you only need a few supplies to transform them into an awesome jewelry hanger.

Tutorial by Jamie of C.R.A.F.T.

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