20 Clever Laundry Room Organizing Solutions

Laundry and chores get done in no time when you have smart, efficient laundry organizing and storage solutions.

Baskets for everyone

It’s no good if you’re organized but everyone else in your house isn’t. Encourage your kids and other housemates to be more organized and responsible for their laundry by assigning everyone their own laundry baskets. Put newly-laundered clothes in one big basket before sorting into the individual baskets. Leave the baskets on top of the washer and dryer or on a free shelf if you have one. This way, everyone just gets their basket and puts their own laundry away.

Idea by Toni of A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Canvas basket storage

Organize blankets, towels, pillow cases, bed sheets, plus laundry and cleaning supplies in canvas or vinyl baskets. The material is easy to wipe off with a damp cloth if you need to clean it. Add labels you can attach with a wooden clothespin which also makes it easier to create and attach new labels if your contents change.

Idea by Toni of A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Change jar

Keep a change jar nearby to collect all those coins left forgotten in jeans pockets.

Decanted laundry detergent

Decant liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener in beverage dispensers so you wouldn’t have to lug around big tubs every time you do laundry.

Idea from Kirsten Danielle Design.

DIY wooden laundry shelves

Maximize extra spaces in between by adding wooden laundry shelves.

Tutorial by Jordan of The Happy Homebodies.

Dollar store baskets

If you love dollar store organizers, you can use dollar store baskets and containers to organize all your laundry room supplies.

Floating shelves

If your laundry space is just a tiny alcove in your bathroom, you can add floating shelves directly on top of your washer and dryer to create an organized and functional laundry area. This also serves as storage for all your laundry needs and have them within easy reach.

Tutorial by Jessica of Four Generations One Roof.

Hanging ladder drying rack

Turn something old and forgotten like a wooden ladder into something new and functional—a clothes drying rack. If you don’t have an old ladder lying around at home, you can buy this cheap in a flea market. Hanging the ladder saves you precious space in your tiny laundry area.

Tutorial by Bec of Little Lucy Lu.

Hidden laundry room

Having your laundry area in your bathroom is a potential for mess. Keep your laundry area separate and hidden when not in use by installing shuttered double doors.

Laundry hub closet

If you don’t have enough space in your house or apartment for a full laundry room but have a huge, deep closet you can spare, you can transform it into a hidden laundry hub. This is a clever idea. When you have guests over, you can just close the closet doors to keep your washer and dryer out of sight.

Idea from Fine Homebuilding.

Lint bin

Have a lint bin at the ready for easy lint disposal.

Idea by Melissa of Polished Habitat.

Lost sock station

Frequently lose a sock or two? Hang all socks with a missing mate on a clothesline in your laundry room for everyone to see and get back to easily when they do find the missing partner.

Tutorial by Dee of From Wine to Whine.

Pegboard organizer

Pegboards are versatile and can be used in organizing just about anything like laundry and cleaning supplies.

Tutorial by Angela of The Posh Space.

Prettified laundry detergent jar

Even if you don’t make your own laundry detergent, you can still put it in a clear jar and make it look pretty.

Tutorial by Chelsey of The Paper Mama.

Pull-out drying rack


Another kind of clothes drying rack that can save you space in your laundry room is a pull-out drying rack. It’s perfect especially for light and delicate articles of clothing.

Tutorial by Kate of Centsational Girl.

Retractable clothesline

Instead of using a collapsible clothes drying rack that’ll take up precious space in your tiny laundry room, go for a retractable clothesline. You can attach the end of the clothesline in a cabinet and hide the retractable line when all your clothes are dry. No muss, no fuss.

Hang light clothes and fabrics with pretty wooden clothespins you can find in flea markets.

Idea by Peg of Just About Home.

Rolling laundry baskets

Instead of lugging around a heavy laundry basket and going room to room to pick up dirty laundry and distribute newly-laundered clothes, make this task easier by building your own laundry basket in wheels.

Tutorial from Hoosier Homemade.

Side baskets

Maximize the space surrounding your washer and dryer by attaching slim wire baskets and containers on awkward corners and narrow walls.

Tutorial by Casey of Waffling.

Tilted shelves

If you don’t have enough space for multiple shelves, position a wire rack at an angle to create a tilted shelf. This is also a great solution for vertically-challenged aka petite people who can’t reach tall shelves. No more tiptoeing to get that box of laundry detergent on the top shelf!

Tip by Danielle of Hold On To Your Hats.

Washer + dryer ironing board top

Save space in your tiny laundry area by maximizing your washer and dryer tops and using it as an ironing board.

Tutorial by Ashley of Design Dishes.

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