20 Genius Packing Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Packing doesn’t have to be complicated and a hassle. Just keep these packing hacks in mind and you’ll be on your merry way in no time.

Roll up your clothes to save space and prevent wrinkling.

For thin pieces of clothing, store them sideways in your luggage.

Tie rolled up clothes with rubber bands or hair ties to keep them in place.

Keep bobby pins in a Tic-tac container.

Keep jewelry organized in a pill container.

Mint or candy tins will do well too.

Keep delicate necklaces knot-free by inserting through a straw.

Pack miscellaneous toiletry items in an eyeglass/sunglass case.

Put phones and tablets in ziplock bags to keep from getting wet.

Put plastic wrap over bottle openings of liquids to prevent spilling.

Roll up your belts and keep them inside a collared shirt to keep it stiff.

Store hair ties in plastic Easter eggs.

Store loose cables and chargers in an eyeglass/sunglass case.

Store Qtips in old pill bottles.

Store small earrings in contact lens containers.

Store quantities you need of your creams and lotions in contact lens cases instead of bringing the entire bottle.

Use a binder clips to protect razors.

Use a pot holder to store your flat iron.

Wrap bottles in wine skin or pool floaties.

Wrap shoes in old shower caps to keep them from dirtying your clean clothes.

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