26 Ideas for Organizing Your Life with Command Hooks

Command hooks are lifesavers especially when it comes to decluttering and organizing your home on a budget. These inexpensive hooks can be stuck anywhere and can be removed without difficulty and damage to the surface. They serve as hanging solutions for almost anything you can think of.

Here are some old and new ideas for organizing with command hooks.

Glam up your hooks

Sure, most of us think command hooks are a godsend, but sometimes the white plastic hooks can look a bit tacky. One great way to not make them look cheap is with a little paint job. You can choose a color that blends with the surrounding surface, go for something bright and glitzy, or a faux metal look that goes well with anything.

Check out tutorials by Kayla of Eat Play Dress and similar projects by The Farmer’s Wife and Morgan of The Handcrafted Life.

Kitchen cabinet door organizer

If your kitchen cabinet shelves are full, it’s time to think of maximizing the back of the cabinet door for extra storage. You can use it to hang baking and cooking utensils.

Ideas by Kendra of Simply Darrling and Larissa of House on Harrison.

Pot lid holder

Store pot lids by hanging them on command hooks at the back of a kitchen cabinet. It’ll save you the space you need for your pots and pans.

Hang pot holders and mitts

Keep mitts and pot holders within easy access by hanging on command hooks.

Paper towel/foil/parchment paper/plastic wrap holder

Hanging your rolls of paper towel, aluminium foil, parchment paper, and plastic wrap with dowels and command hooks at the back of a kitchen cabinet keeps them out of sight, dust free, and easy to roll out.

Tutorial by Karen of Sew Many Ways and I Heart Organizing.

Grocery bag holder

If you have the habit of collecting plastic bags for future use, keep them organized and easy to find by hanging them on command hooks.

Idea by Kelly of Eclectically Vintage.

Hanging produce rack

You can use a shower caddy and command hooks to create extra storage space for produce in a spot where they can easily be seen.

Idea by Katie of Domestic Diva Domain.

Make a door organizer

If you happen to have an extra old door lying around, you can repurpose it into a kitchen organizer with command hooks.

Tutorial by Jamie of C.R.A.F.T.

Make a kids’ artwork display

If you have an ever-growing collection of your kids’ artwork displayed on your fridge, take it to the next level by hanging them on curtain rods with command hooks.

Idea by Bridgit of Pinterest Inspiration.

Bib holder

A baby during mealtime means you should be prepared for the mess. Hanging clean bibs on a command hook at the back of your baby’s chair is a perfect solution.

Idea shared by Jen of Definitely Jennifer.

Hang wire shelves

Sometimes, we need an extra shelf or two to contain some of our stuff. Cheap alternatives like wire racks will do. Hang wire shelves with command hooks.

Shared by Gord of Gordovision.

Gadget wall mount

If you want to use your smartphone or tablet hands-free while cooking or multi-tasking, attach command hooks on a strategic spot and mount your device.

Cord organizer

Keep gadget cords organized, tangle-free and easy to access by hanging them on command hooks at the back of cabinet doors and the inside of deep drawers or at the side of your work desk.

Headphone hanger

Keep headphones within easy access by hanging them on command hooks attached to the side of your computer screen.

Idea by Kelly of Sliding Into Second Grade.

Ring hook

For those who have the problem of forgetting where they left their rings lying around whenever they take them off to do dishes or take a bath, a command hook placed at the strategic spot like at the shower wall or near the kitchen sink, is the perfect solution. Simply take off your ring, put it on the hook, and do your thing. Even if you do forget you took your ring of, you can easily find it hanging on the hook.

Idea by Lisa of Bride and Joy.

Jewelry organizer

Keep your favorite jewelry and casual, everyday accessories within easy access by hanging them on command hooks.

Shared by Jamie of So Much Better With Age.

Sunglass holder

Keep your sunglass collection organized by hanging them with dowels and command hooks. Hanging them also lessens incidences of breaking them accidentally.

Shared by Jen of Do Measurably More.

Bathroom cabinet organizer

Organize toiletries and bathroom cabinet items with a wire shelf and command hooks.

Shared by Cassie of Hi Sugarplum.

Hang a makeshift caddy

Provide additional storage in your bathroom or any space with a makeshift caddy secured with command hooks.

Idea by Carrie of Dream Green DIY.

Make a swing shelf

If you’re renting space and you can’t just drill holes to hang shelves, you can easily build a makeshift shelf with command hooks instead.

Tutorial by Victoria of Florals and Teacups.

Make a canopy bed

You don’t need to call an interior decorator to make you your dream canopy bed. You can easily attach the canopy and keep it suspended with command hooks.

Tutorial by Dana of The Naked Co-ed.

Craft supplies organizer

Organize craft supplies like ribbons, washi tape, and wrapping paper by hanging them with the use of rods and command hooks. Aside from providing you easy access, this also makes it easier for you to see all the supplies you still have on hand.

Shared by Jamie of Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and Laura of Finding Home Farms.

Banner holder

Hang festive, special occasion banners easily with command hooks.

Idea by Virginia of Fynes Designs.

Hang indoor plants

Suspend indoor plants and air plants that need little watering with command hooks.

Tutorials by Meghan of Happiness is Creating and Sheryl + Karla of Oh So Very Pretty.

Hang vases

Brighten up your kitchen windows or patio with mason jars as makeshift flower vases suspended on command hooks.

Tutorial by Linda of It All Started With Paint.

Hang holiday décor


Attach a wreath or holiday décor to your door without drilling holes or hammering nails which can damage the door. Simply attach a command hook on the front side of the door and another one at the back upside down. Use a sturdy ribbon to hang your décor from the back side of the door. This will help secure your décor.

Tutorial by Bonnie of Pretty Dubs.



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