7 Under-the-sink Organizing Ideas

Under the sink cabinets are often neglected, messy storage spaces. Since nobody bothers looking in there, you might as well just chuck stuff in, right? But every inch of storage space matters especially if you have a tiny kitchen or bathroom with limited storage. It’s high time to organize your under the sink storage.

Back of Door Storage

Maximize under the sink storage space by using the back door of the sink cabinet. You can hang adhesive hooks to hold narrow plastic or wire shelves, or attach a makeshift shelf made from wooden pallets.

Clear Stackable Containers

Storing toiletries, towels, and other cleaning supplies in clear drawers or stackable containers makes it easier to find them at a glance.

Hanging Spray Bottles

Attach a tension rod across your sink cabinet to hang spray bottles of your cleaning supplies for easy access. Read more here.


Lazy Susan

Moving a dozen other things before you get to that extra bottle of dishwashing liquid is really annoying. Arranging your cleaning supplies on a Lazy Susan makes everything accessible and easy to see. Check it out here.


Pull-out Drawers and Baskets

Pull out drawers and baskets make organizing easier. No need to root around for stuff at the back of your cabinet. Source


PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

This is a great idea to add storage especially if you have little vanity and countertop space. Check it out here.


Trash Bags on a Roll

Oversized trash bag rolls can be a bother. You only need one piece and you end up with two. The solution? Attach curtain rods at the side of your sink cabinet and put an entire roll through a curtain rod. Next time you get a single trash bag, you won’t have to get the entire roll out. Learn how here.


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