Cheap and No-brainer Bathroom Storage Solutions

The bathroom is usually one of those rooms that lack storage space. Whether you have a sprawling bathroom or a cramped one, there are a number of ways you can easily organize your bathroom and add storage without spending a lot.

Baskets on a wall

Baskets are versatile storage vessels for just about anything, and they also look good holding your stuff.

Tutorial by Stephanie of Simply DIY 2.

Clear storage bins

Organize your medicine cabinet contents into clear plastic bins and drawers like what Anna of Ask Anna did. Categorize all of your medications and first aid paraphernalia into groups like acetaminophen, pain meds, warm and cold compresses, band-aids and gauzes, etc. Assign a drawer or bin for each category and label accordingly. Note expiration dates of medications as well.

Cabinet door shelves

Bathroom vanity cabinets usually have a few shelves. If you need more storage space, you can maximize the back of your vanity cabinet and attach DIY cabinet shelving.

Tutorial by Justin of Remodelaholic.

Crate shelves

Crates make beautiful and functional shelves. The natural material would go well with any bathroom style and décor.

Tutorial from HGTV.

Magnetic makeup board

This cool magnetic makeup board takes the stress out of your weekday morning rush. Everything you need to gussy up for another day at work or a girls’ night out is within reach. You need two different tubes of mascara? No problem. Just grab and go. Organizing your makeup essentials where you can see them all at once is efficient. Plus, it looks pretty with a frame.

Tutorial by Angela of Handmade in the Heartland.

DIY magnetic strip

It may not be a conventional bathroom storage solution, but you gotta admit, it is very functional. Plus, it keeps bobby pins in check.

Idea by Brittany of Superwoman.

Expandable under-the-sink shelf organizer

Set up adjustable shelving for your stuff under the bathroom sink. The solid metal piping and durable plastic are flexible and can fit around the most awkward undersink pipes. You can add on the number of shelves you need.

Available on Amazon.

File box bathroom caddy

Eh, who needs special bathroom storage?  Just get a cute file box from the office supply store instead.

Idea by Carrie of Dream Green DIY.

Hanging baskets

Create pockets of storage with wicker baskets and hanging from the ceiling.

Tutorial from Woman’s Day.

Personalized bathroom shelves

DIY shadow boxes can double as bathroom shelves. You can take it to another level by assigning a shelf to each housemate and personalizing it.

Idea from Pinterest.

Planter shelves


Decorative plant holders can also double as bathroom supply holders. You can get them for a few dollars each and have them mounted to the bathroom wall easily.

Idea from Pinterest.

Shoe pocket organizers

You can either buy one since it’s cheap, or make your own. You can finish the entire project while the baby is napping and it’ll cost you all in all 3 bucks or less. Lucky you if you already have one lying around in your home. It’s finally time to put it to good use.

Tutorial by Kelly of The Complete Guide to Imperfect Guide Homemaking.

Pull-out hair tool storage cabinet

Turn a cabinet into a hair tool storage cabinet with a pull-out door. You can also use it as storage for power cords and create access to a nearby power outlet.

Tutorial by Amy of The Idea Room.

Wall-mounted magazine rack

Organize your bathroom reading materials by creating your own bathroom magazine rack. Since it’s wall-mounted, it won’t take up a lot of precious bathroom space at all.

Tutorial by Jessica of Four Generations One Roof.

Wall-mounted towel racks

Have fresh, clean towels handy on wall-mounted baskets.

Idea by Carrie of Making Lemonade.