Display Your Kids’ Artwork Like a Museum Piece

As parents, nobody else can be prouder of our kids’ artworks than us. Just look at the fridge that’s stacked with doodles and drawings, handmade birthday cards, and toddler finger paintings. They may be no Van Gogh, Picasso, or Michelangelo, but we’re proud of them as though they are.

These little masterpieces pile up so fast, we quickly realize we don’t have room to display all of them. The solution? Choose the best ones and feature them in a framed collage print display that will make your kids’ artwork stand out and look like it’s on display in an art gallery.

Rebecca from Simple as That shares this unique and beautiful way to display your kids’ precious artwork.

She used a 20-image collage template to feature her daughter’s artwork. You can choose to do this display for every year your kid churns out artwork. That way, you can both enjoy tracking your kid’s progress and evolution in art.

Want to feature your kids’ artwork collection in a collage display?  Check out the Children’s Art Collage Template Set by Rebecca. She offers four templates for displaying children’s art: 8×10 – 20 image collage, 11×14 – 20 image collage, 8×10 personalized 16 image collage, and 11×14 personalized 16 image collage.

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