Dollar Store Organizing Solutions

Organizing doesn’t have to be an expensive and stressful undertaking. Working with a limited budget, your best friend is your local Dollar Store. From organizing bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen clutter to sorting cabinet and drawer contents, and corralling random smaller items, the dollar store has every kind of container and organizer you’ll ever need.

Bathroom drawer organizers

Bathroom and vanity drawers are usually most susceptible to clutter piling up, especially if you use a lot of make-up and beauty products. Keep bathroom drawer contents organized with dollar store baskets and clear plastic bins.

Ideas from Bless’er House and The Crazy Craft Lady.

Bath towel baskets

When short in bathroom storage space, hanging baskets are a smart option. You just need to buy some dollar store wicker baskets and hang them on your bathroom wall.

Idea from I’m Busy Procrastinating.

Canned good organizers

Looking for a way to store canned goods without the risk of knocking them over? A magazine rack is the perfect hack to keep those canned goods in place and within easy reach inside your pantry.

Idea from PB & J Stories.

Canvas box organizers

Keep your kids’ socks, underwear, and other smaller wardrobe items organized with canvas storage.

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Chest freezer organizers

It’s a hassle going through the contents of a chest freezer, especially if you have to dig through to the bottom for what you’re looking for. For easier access to your frozen goods, keep them sorted and organized into plastic baskets and open bins.

Idea from Practically Functional.

Clothespin accessory organizer

With a handful of dollar store wooden clothespins, wood strips, and a hot glue, you can easily make this Pinterest-worthy accessory organizer.

Idea from Power Tools and High Heels.

Clothespin tights holder

If you don’t want bunched up tights, you can hang them in your cabinet or on a wall instead using clothespins and a hot glue gun.

Idea from Lana Red Studio.

Craft supply organizers

Keep those tiny craft supplies sorted and organized into small, clear plastic tubs.

Idea from Craftionary.

Eyeglass case cord organizers

Someone pinned this... Dollar store eye glass cases for our roadtrip! Thanks :)

Keep gadget cords, chargers, and cables de-tangled and easy to find with cheap clear eyeglass cases.

Idea from Pinterest.

Fridge organizers

Keep fridge and freezer contents organized and easy to see instead of haphazardly piled on top of one another with dollar store bins and baskets.

Idea from The Domestic Geek Blog.

Game organizers

Keep game pieces with their own kind with plastic bins.

Idea from All for the Love of Teaching.

Garage stuff organizers

Stuff you store in your garage can pile up and get out of hand pretty quickly. Use plastic laundry baskets to keep them organized and sorted by type.

Idea from Simply Kierste Design.

Hair accessories organizer

Little girls’ hair accessories also tend to pile up. Keep them organized in clear craft boxes or bigger pill boxes.

Idea from The Idea Room.

Kids’ arts and crafts station organizers


Any parent whose kid is into arts and crafts needs to do this. A well-organized arts and crafts station will be less stressful for you (come clean-up time) and more fun for the kids (because mommy and daddy aren’t going crazy over the mess).

Idea from This is Happiness.

Kitchen pantry organizers

A pantry makeover need not be expensive like those you see featured in home and lifestyle magazines. Let’s be realistic. Not everyone can afford that. But you can definitely build your own dream pantry with dollar store organizers.

Idea from The Social Home.

Laundry room organizers


Dollar store baskets and bins are perfect containers for laundry room supplies.

Idea from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Mail baskets

Keep your bills and letters organized with mail baskets.

Idea from A House Full of Sunshine.

Mesh bath toy bag

Bath time with your kids can be a messy affair, especially when toys are involved. When not in use, keep bath toys from becoming a bathroom hazard by keeping them in a mesh bag.

Idea from Make It & Love It.

Mini first aid kit

At just under $3, you can put together your own mini first aid kit. All you need is a dollar store plastic bin and your first aid essentials.

Idea from Mama Cheaps.

Pillbox for pins and buttons

Keep tiny things like buttons and pins corralled in pillboxes.

Idea from Sharing Creativity & Company.

Pillbox jewelry organizer

When traveling, store your jewelry in a pillbox. The slots can easily accommodate earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Idea from How to Have It All.

Pillbox portable spice kit

Just in case you need a take-along spice kit when you travel, a dollar store pillbox is the perfect portable storage for your salt and spices.

Idea from Dollar Store Crafts.

Plastic bin Lego containers

Legos are notorious for multiplying, missing, and turning up in all sorts of unexpected places. Keep those little plastic blocks in check by organizing them in plastic bins. It wouldn’t hurt to teach your kids to be organized and responsible too by reminding them to put their Legos away after play time.

Idea from Happiness is Homemade.

Ribbon organizer


A genius idea for keeping all your ribbons organized, easy to see, and tangle-free!

Idea from Spunky Junky.

School/office supply organizers

Keep the contents of your school and office supply drawers organized with dollar store baskets.

Idea from I Heart Planners.

Shoe organizer to wrapping paper organizer

Keep seasonal stuff like wrapping paper and other gift-wrapping paraphernalia within easy access in a dollar store shoe organizer.

Idea from The Country Chic Cottage.

Shower curtain ring ponytail holder

Elastic ponytails always have a habit of getting lost even if you have a drawer set aside for them. The solution is so simple and genius, we don’t know why we haven’t thought of it before–a shower curtain ring becomes an instant ponytail holder.

Idea from Shady Tree Diary.

Shower curtain ring scarf holder

Hang your scarf collection on shower curtain rings connected to a hanger for easy access.

Idea from From the Desk.

Silverware organizer to jewelry and accessories organizer

This upcycled silverware organizer is a great idea for displaying accessories and also adds a fun focal point to any young fashionista’s room.

Idea from Tatertots & Jello.

Sugar dispenser twine keeper

This genius twine storage hack also keeps your twine from gathering dust.

Idea from Whisker Graphics.

Tupperware lid organizer

We can’t get over how simple but clever this hack is. This wire rack and basket combo serves as both drying rack and container for Tupperware lids. Hopefully, this solves the problem of losing lids and mismatching them with containers.

via Pinterest

Under the bathroom sink organizers


Maximize bathroom sink storage space by organizing bottles and other bathroom supplies into baskets.

Idea from 320 Sycamore.

Under the kitchen sink organizers

Just because nobody sees it, doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with under the kitchen sink cabinet clutter. Keeping it organized with baskets, bins, and hooks will help a lot in maintaining a tidy and efficient kitchen.

Idea from New Nostalgia.