10 Fun Ways to Organize with Washi Tape

Once in a while, a really cool Japanese invention knocks our socks off and makes us grateful for the surplus of crazy stuff coming from the land of the rising sun, the same country that brought us instant noodles, CDs, electronic calculators, rollerball pens, and the karaoke. Useful inventions that made an impact on the modern world.

Joining the ranks of cool Japanese inventions is the washi tape. In case you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know what the heck it is, it’s a biodegrable, reusable tape that comes in all colors and designs. It can be used for almost anything. There seems to be no limit for the use of washi tape. But more specifically, it’s popular in all sorts of fun arts and crafts projects, plus organizing purposes.

So if you haven’t got one yet, go get yourself a washi tape or two from your local Japanese discount store and get started on washi tape crafting and organizing.

Here are fun ways to organize with washi tape.

Create a wall calendar

Idea from Ohhh Mhhh.

Label cleaning bottles

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Label gadget cords

Ideas from I Heart Organizing and Kalyn Brooke.

Label party cups and glasses

Idea from Craft and Creativity.

Via Organized Chaos Online.

Label food containers

Idea from Organizing Made Fun.

Label folder tabs

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Label planters

Idea from Curious and Catcat.

Mark notebooks with washi tape tabs

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Use as key markers

Idea from Pinterest.

Use as planner labels

Idea from The Southern Couture.