Hassle-free Small Appliance and Gadget Cord Organization Tip

For the nth time, are you frustrated with your kitchen appliance and gadget cords getting tangled and all over the place? We have had enough of it ourselves and luckily, found a solution when we least expected it. We came across this cheap and easy cord organization trick which lets you store cords right on the appliance or gadget itself. Neat, right?

First, go get yourself some command cord bundlers. This one happens to come in pairs with 3 adhesive strips (1 extra) at just under $4. This cord bundler holds strongly and keeps your cords organized without damaging or twisting them.

Just stick the back of the cord bundler on to the back of your appliance or any spot convenient, like the back of this KitchenAid mixer. If you want to remove or replace the adhesive strip when it loses its stickiness, it comes off cleanly and easily too.

 Et voila! It’s a pretty cool solution to getting those pesky appliance and gadget cords out of the way.

Source: Dreaming in DIY