You’ll Never Lose Bobby Pins Again with This Clever Hack

Bobby pins have an annoying habit of getting lost in your vanity drawer, medicine cabinet, make-up kit, or wherever else you put it. Even if you store them in a jar or clear plastic tub, you’ll still lose a few. Is there a solution to the major bobby pin dilemma?

Magnetic strips. Yup, those are the magic tools you need to keep those bobby pins in check. Intrigued? Then here’s what you need to do.

First, buy a self-adhesive magnetic strip roll from Walmart or a hardware store. It’s a magnet on one side and tape on the other.

Next, choose a surface to stick the magnetic strip onto like the back of a medicine cabinet door. Cut the strip to size and apply to the surface. Press down firmly. Add your bobby pins and voila! Instant bobby pin catcher.

It may not look pretty, but it’s super functional, you can even stick your nail clippers, nail file, and tweezers onto it. Also, the probability of you still losing a bobby would be zero…unless you don’t stick them back to the magnetic strip after use.

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