Organize Your Life with Binders

We doubt Benjamin Franklin himself did a lot of organizing in his own home, but we all know what he meant when he said “A place for everything and everything in its place”. That in a nutshell, sums up what we all want our own homes to be, and by extension, our daily lives too.

Organizing the minute parts of your life with binders might not be the solution for everything, but it sure is a solution to organizing most of your documents, papers, and other personal and household minutiae. Time to resurrect that relic of your school days past and use binders to organize your life in these creative ways.

Household binder

Managing an entire household is no easy feat. Keeping all your lists and paperwork into one neat and organized binder helps a lot in keeping you updated in all important household matters like bills, budget, chores, grocery lists, home maintenance, menu planning, etc.

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Budget binder

Although you can include anything budget-related in your family’s household binder, you can also dedicate a whole binder just for budget, especially if you have a lot of finances and investments to keep track of.

Idea from A Cultivated Nest.

Recipe binder

If you love cooking and trying out new recipes, then you probably know that some of the best recipes come not just from cookbooks, but from random sources like magazines, can labels, packets, and online. If you already have a collection of those and/or recipe print-outs sourced from various foodie blogs and websites, you’ll need to organize them too. Showcase all your trusty recipes in a recipe binder.

Idea from I Heart Organizing.

Gardening binder

Love to garden? A gardening binder is a great way to keep track of what you have planted and every plant’s progress through the seasons. With a binder, you can record the date you planted seeds or plants, which plots they were placed in, when they’re expected to rise, weather trends, harvest dates, kinds of pests to watch out for, planting tips and hacks, etc. You can also put your seed packets in the clear binder sleeves so you have all the info you need for reference.

Idea from Frugally Sustainable.


DVD binder

Are you a movie buff or chronic series binger? Do you have a collection of DVDs and Blu-ray discs that desperately need organizing? You can easily transfer your collection into a DVD binder. Just look for a standard binder fitted with CD sleeves. With CD sleeves, there’s no need to store your DVDs in bulky cases that only gather dust. It’s up to you whether you want to organize the discs alphabetically by title, by genre, or a combination of both.

Idea from The Love Nerds.

Hardware binder

Some of us are so dependent on our gadgets that minor setbacks like tangled and missing cords instantly become a huge hassle. Get those tangled cords back in line by storing them in a hardware binder for easy access. Having just one place to put all those cords means you’ll know just where to put them back after use and where to look for them when you need them.

Idea from The Creativity Exchange.

Manual binder

Just like with the gadget cords, you also need to keep all those appliance and gadget user manuals in a single place for easy access. And while you’re off organizing your manual binder, you can also include the warranty cards and purchase receipts with their respective manuals so you won’t have to look hard for them when you need to present them.

Idea from Stay at Homeista.

Magazine clippings binder

If you enjoy reading magazines and have plenty of subscriptions, you probably have a motley collection of random clippings you’ve gathered through the years. It’s time to put your collection in order. Sort through them first one by one, just take what you want to keep and read again, organize them in a magazine binder, and dispose of the rest. You can also include newspaper clippings in this binder or allot another binder just for that.

Idea from Make Life Lovely.

School and College binder

We know how challenging it is trying to keep up with school work and everything else in between. Trying to remember everything you need to do, to study, to read, to finish, to make, to attend. A well-organized school or college binder can help you keep track of them all.

Ideas from Thirty Handmade Days and The Holladay Life.

School artwork and keepsakes binder

As your little ones get older, their awards, certificates, artworks, and other school memorabilia start piling up. Keep track and organize them all into a binder. Some day when they’re all grown up, they’ll flip through those binders, look back on all their achievements, and thank you for being a proud, loving parent and preserving their mementos.

Idea from Make Life Lovely.

Baby Book


If you’re the parent or soon-to-be parent of a baby, congratulations! We know that every moment with a precious one counts, especially those first experiences. What better way to capture all those memories and keepsakes than by recording them in a baby book. For this, a thick, durable binder is just the perfect vessel.

Idea from Newly Woodwards.

Wedding planning binder

Planning a wedding is never easy. Just ask any bride who’s been there. It requires a ton of work that takes months up to a year or two of planning. So, keeping everything wedding planning related like wedding vendor brochures, papers, documents, and samples within easy reach in a binder will be a huge help in keeping your sanity intact.

Idea from Gloriajoy.