Organizing with Mason Jars

There’s more to those pretty mason jars than just canning. These clear, versatile glass containers can hold any kind of stuff you need to keep in check from beans and spices, to paints, cupcake liners, and Q-tips.

Find out what else you can organize in your home with mason jars.

Bathroom Organizer

Organize bathroom supplies like cotton balls, cotton pads, Q-tips, and make-up brushes in mason jars for easy access. It’s up to you whether to go vertical or horizontal when you install mason jar organizers in your bathroom.

Change Jar

Change is one of those things we just leave lying around all over the house. The solution? A big change jar for the whole family placed in a hotspot where everybody can see it like near the front door, the hallway, or the kitchen. Hopefully, there won’t be anymore coins appearing under the sofa or behind grandma’s vase.

Coffee Creamer Jars

Did you know that Nestle Coffeemate Creamer lids fit snugly on top of pint-sized mason jars? Yup, they do. Now that you know, you can transfer contents of big tubs of different creamers into pretty, clear mason jars and set-up your own mini coffee station.

Craft Supplies Holder

Craft supplies have a tendency to multiply especially when we don’t organize them. Put them all into clear mason jars so you can see which ones you still have enough of and avoid buying surplus supplies.

Crochet Needle Holder

Rest dainty crochet needles in an equally dainty crochet-covered mason jar.

Cupcake Liner Storage

Cupcakes liners tend to multiply too if you buy and buy but don’t keep them organized in containers where you can easily see them.

Cutlery Holder

For intimate dinner parties and gatherings at home, store your cutlery in clear mason jars and display on the table for easy access.

Leftover Paint Jars

Looking for an ingenius, practical way to store leftover paints? Use clear mason jars! Then label the lids for easy reference.


We can’t get over how genius this DIY mason jar matchbox idea is.

Pantry Organizers

If you want a more streamlined, organized, and accessible pantry, try organizing pantry staples and supplies into mason jars.

School Supplies Holder

Store pens and other school supplies in mason jars.

Sewing Kit

If you only have a few sewing supplies but still have trouble finding exactly what you need, fit them all into a mason jar and you’ve got yourself an instant sewing kit.

Spice Jars

Mason jars make the perfect vessels for spices.

Tissue holder

Just make a slot on the lid, spray paint, and decorate the jar however you want, and you’ve got yourself a homemade tissue holder.

Toothbrush Holder

To make a toothbrush holder out of a mason jar, you’ll only need to make changes on the lid.

Toothpick Dispenser

Just put holes on the lid and voila! You have yourself an instant toothpick dispenser.

Twine Dispenser

Display your colorful twine collection in pretty mason jars.