20 Out-of-the-box Ideas to Organize and Display Your Beauty Products

Sometimes you just end up with more make-up and beauty products than you need and use on a daily basis. They do have a sneaky habit of multiplying and ending up all over your vanity and bathroom counter. A retro plastic make-up kit probably isn’t enough to contain all of them, right?

(Remember this colorful retro relic, anyone?)

Ditch the Caboodle kit and think outside the box. Here are 20 unique ideas to inspire your make-up organizing.

Bead organizer = eyeshadow singles/paint pot organizer

Bead organizers usually have adjustable dividers, perfect for storing single eyeshadows and your pain pot collection.

Via Makeup & Beauty Blog

Cake stand nail polish display

Via McGrath II

Vintage cake stands instantly add an elegant touch when you use it to display accessories, makeup, and your nail polish collection.

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Cake stand perfume bottle display

Ditto for dainty perfume bottles.

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Candle jar makeup brush holders

Via Laugh Love and Hippie

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Repurpose old candle jars and fill them with beads, coffee beans, colored stones, marbles, pebbles, or colored sand (you take your pick). Stick your makeup brushes in.

Jar makeup organizer

Have a collection of empty candle or jam jars you have no use for at the moment? It’s time to repurpose them into makeup organizers.

Via Ann Le

Cookie jar nail polish storage

Display your colorful nail polish collection in clear cookie jars, and they’ll look instantly chic.

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Cutlery divider/utensil drawer = makeup organizer

Via Polka Spots and Freckle Dots

Corral makeup and your essential beauty tools in cutlery organizers with built-in dividers.

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Copper tumbler hanging makeup holder

This takes a little bit of DIY, but it looks so chic, you won’t regret doing this project.

Via A Beautiful Mess.

Ice cube tray = eyeshadow singles/paint pot organizers

Eyeshadow singles and paint pots fit just right in ice cube trays.

Via Girlterest

Letter holder = makeup palette holder

Display eyeshadow palettes in a pretty letter holder. You can buy them for cheap too in a dollar store.

Via Beauty & Le Chic

Lucite plastic makeup organizer

Clear plastic organizers are the perfect makeup storage. You can see everything. Plus, they make a pretty display.

Via Que Andai Bonita

Magnetic framed makeup board

Now you’ll have no excuse for losing makeup if you put them up on a magnetic board.

Via Embellishments by SLR

Mason jar makeup brush holders

Get some mason jars add fillings like beads, coffee beans, colored stones, marbles, pebbles, or colored sand to prop your makeup brushes up and for pure decorative purposes.

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Mini loaf pan makeup organizers

Who knew mini loaf pans could be used to corral your ever-growing lipstick collection? It’s brilliant!

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Planter makeup brush holder

These pretty white planters spell vintage chic for your makeup brushes.

Via The Beautiful Truth

Revolving spice rack = toiletry rack

A revolving spice race makes a genius beauty product display and storage. It makes every product visible and within easy reach.

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Spice rack nail polish display

Of course a spice rack isn’t just for storing and displaying your spices. It can just as easily become a nail polish collection display.

Via The Gloss

Spice rack perfume bottle display

 Or a really neat perfume bottle display.

Via The Style and Beauty Doctor

Sushi mat makeup brush roll

When your girlfriends see this, they’ll want to make their own sushi mat makeup brush roll too. It’s just too cute!

Via Shutzlife

Wine rack = hairspray bottle holder

Not a wine collector or drinker? Use that wine rack instead for holding big hair product bottles.

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