The Quickest Gift-wrapping Hack You’ll Ever Need: 30 Seconds or Less

Forget all the time-consuming and fancy gift-wrapping techniques you’ve known since you learned how. There’s only one technique you need to know that will save you time and costly wrapping paper. And it’ll only take you 30 seconds at least.

Where did this technique come from? There’s this Japanese department store employee who can wrap a gift in just 12 seconds. Yeah, you read that right. 12 seconds. If you don’t believe us, watch this video of said employee in action.

But to most of us with average and passable gift-wrapping skills, this person is a gift-wrapping god! To make this technique accessible to us mere mortals, video blogger Beat the Bush has dissected it and made a step-by-step tutorial. Of course, you might not make it within 12 seconds on the first few tries, but this technique makes it easier to increase your speed and lessen wrapping time as you get used to it. With lots of practice, you’ll become a gift-wrapping master too.

Learn the fastest way to gift wrap in less than a minute: