Sunblock Safe and Other Secret Hiding Places for Your Valuables

If you worry about securing your valuables at home, there are ways you can make secret compartments from ordinary things that no intruder would think twice to look at.

Behind the frame secret key compartment

Store your keys behind your art.

Tutorial by M of Planq Studio.

Behind the mirror secret niche

Cover up those awkward niches in your house and turn it into a secret compartment.

Tutorial from The Rozy Home.

Book safe

A hollowed-out hardbound book makes the perfect secret safe. You can put it in your bookshelf where it blends seamlessly with all the other books and your house décor.

Tutorial from eHow.

Crown molding secret compartment

This secret compartment is so cool! Need we say more?

Tutorial from Build Basic.

Doorstop secret stash

Not many people would think twice about a door stop—it’s function is pretty much straightforward. But using it as a secret stash for cash or teeny tiny stuff like a USB is pretty clever.

Tutorial from Make.

Framed picture/secret compartment

When this medicine chest/secret compartment is recessed into a wall, it would only look like a framed picture to anyone. It’s a clever way to have something decorative moonlight as a secret storage in your home.

Idea by Sarah Rae Smith in Apartment Therapy.

Lip balm secret stash

Now, who would ever think of looking for your secret stash in a lip balm?

Tutorial from Man Made.

Secret jewelry compartment

Aside from serving a decorative purpose, another use for your art is to hide a compartment.

Tutorial by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge.

Sunblock safe

Recycle an empty sunblock bottle and use it as a secret safe for your cash, cards, cellphone, and jewelry when you go to the beach.

Travel fund in a globe

Keep your travel fund in a vessel that may be obvious to you, but not to anyone else.

Tutorial by Radmegan.

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